Earth is a pioneering Drone Metal band from Olympia, Washington, that was started by Dylan Carson in 1989.

Earth laid the foundation for what would become drone music – an entire genre dedicated to slow guitar music, heavy distortion and feedback. A sound that would lead to bands like Sunn O))), Burning Witch and Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine. Earth was probably influenced by bands like the Melvins, The Swans and Black Sabbath and at a time when Grunge was popular, were pretty much alone with their own kind of sound.

When I first heard Extra-Capsular Extraction in 1991 (complete with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana), I thought, ” What the fuck is that ? It’s so cool !”. I was hooked from day 1. And even though I haven’t followed the development of Drone Metal, I still think Earth is very cool and interesting !

So turn out the lights, lay back and let the music take you into the darkness !



The Third and the Mortal

The Third and the Mortal were truly originals and pioneers. Great experimental melodic metal from Norway in the early 90’s. Kari Rueslåtten has gone on since to make wonderful arousing pop music. In my opinion, their Sorrow EP and Tears Laid in Earth album are their best.


Industrial Pioneers

Here are a couple of my favourite Industrial music pioneers from the late 80’s and early 90’s. They didn’t invent the genre but they did new things with it. I don’t listen much to Industrial music anymore but I can still appreciate some of it.

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My Dying Bride

I first heard doom metal band My Dying Bride in 1992, when sometime in the middle of the night I flicked on Rage (Australian MTV) and heard the title track from  “Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium“. My Dying Bride catered well to my then very dark personality but I lost interest in them soon after my son was born in 1999. I do however occasionally listen to their early albums but have heard little of their later material. My Dying Bride’s early material was really the best of the doom genre. They were one of the first bands to truly integrate orchestral sounds into their music and to really understand how to create atmosphere. An atmosphere of darkness, desperation sadness and dark sexuality.

My Dying Bride have no doubt been a great inspiration for others in the genre and related genres and would be a great band to see live !

I find it dissappointing that unlike bands like Anathema, their music never really grew up and matured. It’s still stuck in the same dark vein it started in. Having said that, the people in the band, like founding member/vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe, seem like nice people with a great sense of humour. Perhaps the darkness of My Dying Bride is a convenient way for Aaron to give voice to another aspect of himself and to enjoy the theatre of the mind.

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