Oz Metal

Here are some of my favourite Oz metal bands from the late 80s / early 90’s !



Diamanda Galas

The one and only, Diamanda Galas – straight from the fires of hell ! What a vocal range ! And what passion and madness !


The Third and the Mortal

The Third and the Mortal were truly originals and pioneers. Great experimental melodic metal from Norway in the early 90’s. Kari Rueslåtten has gone on since to make wonderful arousing pop music. In my opinion, their Sorrow EP and Tears Laid in Earth album are their best.


J.S. Bach

I fell in love with J.S. Bach’s music when in 1980 I first heard one of his organ fugues. For those who like mathematical patterns, Bach is the ultimate mathematician ! For those who love music with heart, Bach is power ! Bach will no doubt continue to inspire musicians for centuries to come !