TSM X : Life Lessons with Frédéric


Hey folks, here’s my friend Frédéric with his first monologue on a few simple life lessons that he has learned.


Brighty. 😉

TSM X : Nick Smoky Cayenne – Part 1


Hey folks, here’s the first of what might be a new spin off from The Something Monologues. In this TSM X, my good friend Nick Smoky Cayenne gives us a short overview of his life working in the western US. Nick honours the monologue in true walkalogue style! I make no apologies for Nick’s wind (not that kind!) and actually I think windy TSM X’s might be more authentic and enjoyable than windless studio productions.

If you’d like to be part of this new spin off, make an audio as long as you’d like about some aspect of your life, your working life, your neighborhood or ET contact, upload it to cloud storage like Sync.com, leave me a way of getting in contact with you and I’ll do all the rest. The more you can edit the easier it will be for me. But if it’s just a walkalogue, it should be fine as it is!

A big thanks to Nick and Frédéric (whose TSM X is up next) for your contributions and for getting this little pony cantering! 😉


Any one who listens to this blog will know that I listen to all kinds of music but despite this I do have a few favourite songs. One of them is One by Metallica – which to me is a song of great power and one of the greatest anti war songs ever written. Look at the old boys rock recently and enjoy the original video.

More about why I hate war here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/a-personal-story-about-why-i-hate-war-2/.


Swedish Jazz

My Swedish friend Marcus recently introduced me to some Swedish Jazz and the music of pianist Jan Johansson in particular. Jan combined Swedish folk music with jazz in a very unique style of composition and piano playing, which I find very refreshing ! Jan’s music has great power and transcends many of the traditional boundaries of jazz ! Fans of the likes of John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk will enjoy Jan’s unique approach to jazz !



One of my favourite metal bands of the early 90s was the Australian band Disembowelment. Disembowelment were a band who were willing to go beyond established norms and break the rules. As a band they inspired many in the Oz metal scene and many people who played melodic, death and black metal in Europe and America. Of note throughout the bands short recording life, were vocalist Renato Gallina’s Tibetan Buddhist Chanting inspired throaty vocals, occasional polyphonic sounding vocals, the sublime lyrics (not that my ears ever understood them), the heavy down tuning of the guitars, the elegant but simple guitar melodies, rapidly changing tempos and the well woven double kick bass drum beat.

Renato (who was really the driving force behind Disembowelment) contacted me today to let me know that he has recently re-recorded and re-worked the track Nightside of Eden, which was the 4th track on their 1993 album Transcendence into The Peripheral. Feel free to enjoy or share with anyone who might like it !


More on Renato’s musical life (including his ambient/folk band Trial of the Bow) here : https://www.discogs.com/artist/577153-Renato-Gallina and Disembowelment here : https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Disembowelment/4213, https://myspace.com/disembowelment  and https://disembowelment.bandcamp.com/.


Dethklok & Galaktikon

One of my favourite metal bands of the last decade is without doubt Dethklok. Part fantasy, part real, all metal with attitude and balls. Dethklok are better than most real metal bands.



And Brendon Small’s spin off Galaktikon.