The AlphaSphere

The AlphaSphere is a fascinating new electronic instrument with incredible potential for individual expression and the potential to create a whole new genre of electronic music !


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is one of the most gifted musicians to have graced our planet in the last 100 years. His music has been diverse, inspirational, humane and uplifting. He continues to make great music in both pop/rock and classical genres.

My favourite McCartney song is of course BlackBird and my favourite McCartney album is Flaming Pie – which I feel captures him in his relationship with Linda and life just perfectly !


La Monte Young

When you trace the roots of minimalist, electronic and drone music back to their 20th century roots, 2 names often come up – John Cage and La Monte Young. La Monte Young was a pioneer in the use of long repetitive tones and convoluted long distance melodies. His music has influenced artists as divergent as Dylan Carson (Earth), John Cale,  Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Jung Hee Choi and I think we can safely say Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. I feel the best way to appreciate La Monte Young’s music is to turn it up loud, turn out the lights and lie down.