La Monte Young

When you trace the roots of minimalist, electronic and drone music back to their 20th century roots, 2 names often come up – John Cage and La Monte Young. La Monte Young was a pioneer in the use of long repetitive tones and convoluted long distance melodies. His music has influenced artists as divergent as Dylan Carson (Earth), John Cale,  Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Jung Hee Choi and I think we can safely say Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. I feel the best way to appreciate La Monte Young’s music is to turn it up loud, turn out the lights and lie down.



Earth is a pioneering Drone Metal band from Olympia, Washington, that was started by Dylan Carson in 1989.

Earth laid the foundation for what would become drone music – an entire genre dedicated to slow guitar music, heavy distortion and feedback. A sound that would lead to bands like Sunn O))), Burning Witch and Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine. Earth was probably influenced by bands like the Melvins, The Swans and Black Sabbath and at a time when Grunge was popular, were pretty much alone with their own kind of sound.

When I first heard Extra-Capsular Extraction in 1991 (complete with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana), I thought, ” What the fuck is that ? It’s so cool !”. I was hooked from day 1. And even though I haven’t followed the development of Drone Metal, I still think Earth is very cool and interesting !

So turn out the lights, lay back and let the music take you into the darkness !