Fence Music and Harmonic Whirlies

I’ve been guilty myself of creating a Barbed Wire Fence Symphony (called of course Barbed Wire Fence Symphony) and whizzing pipes to make strange sounds. And while this music is unlikely to interest many people, it sure is fun to make. And it raises that unanswerable question – What is music ?



Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin) was a one of a kind ! A self taught blind Avant Garde  / Experimentalist / Jazz composer and musician who performed on the streets of New York and influenced musicians like Philip Glass and Steve Reich. If you want weird and unusual but interesting, melodic and engaging; look no further than the legendary Moondog.


La Monte Young

When you trace the roots of minimalist, electronic and drone music back to their 20th century roots, 2 names often come up – John Cage and La Monte Young. La Monte Young was a pioneer in the use of long repetitive tones and convoluted long distance melodies. His music has influenced artists as divergent as Dylan Carson (Earth), John Cale,  Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Jung Hee Choi and I think we can safely say Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. I feel the best way to appreciate La Monte Young’s music is to turn it up loud, turn out the lights and lie down.