Midnight Oil

I first heard Midnight Oil in about 1982 but at the time I thought they were too heavy, too loud and so I gave them a miss. I then came back to the Oils in 1987/88 and have been enjoying them ever since. I loved their anti-development, conservation, social justice, anti war message and I am a devout fan of Peter Garett’s dancing style – which I have done my best to emulate, for the last 3 decades ! Midnight Oil were one of the first bands that I knew who tried to STICK IT TO THE MAN and in many ways what they did was very similar to some of the best, most rebellious heavy metal bands of the 80s. I think their music stands up to the test of time and I still have my Oil days, where I’m back in the 80s or 90s, fuel injected with Peter Garrettitis, my limbs twitching as I eat up the lounge room dance floor ! Peter Garrett was once the head of The Australian Conservation Foundation and later went into federal politics here in Australia, where for a while he was the Minister for Environment, trying his best to slow down the corporations who are doing their best to eat up the natural resources of this country. he did some good work but there was little he could do with a sick system. Now thank God, he’s gone back to making music ! Long live Midnight Oil !

Start with these two videos from the early 80s.